Chloé pyjama


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Product description

These cozy pyjamas are perfect for your little girl or boy. Yes, they can be made for both! The sizing of these pyjamas is very comfortable, so that you might just put your kids in them all day. The pyjamas are onesies, so are fully closed at the bottom with socks. You can also make the pyjamas without socks and make a ‘’regular’’ hem. There is a placket closure at the center front, where the pyjamas is opened and closed with (snap) buttons. The placket pattern comes with a variation in the smallest sizes. For the 3 smallest sizes (56-68/74) the pattern has a placket closure at the inner leg as well, this will help make it easier to put the pyjamas on and off. Which makes changing diapers so much easier.


Be aware that when you buy this product you buy a pattern not a garment!

You may sell items made with this pattern. You may not copy, share, or resell this pattern in any form.