Custom pattern orders

Of course, it is also possible to place a custom order.
If you like my pattern drafting style and fit, you can send me some ideas of what you want and I can design a unique pattern, especially for you. This is possible for both children- and women- and menswear.
And if you already have a design ready, you can send me your sketch and/or pictures.

The pricing for custom-made patterns is very different from the patterns in the webshop. Since all the hours that I work on the pattern have to be compensated in that pattern. Therefore ordering a custom-made pattern is best affordable when you use it for your business and the profit will cover the costs.

Before the order is finalized I will first send you a quotation for the pattern. And if you agree with the prize, I will start making your order.
The prizes for each design will be different, depending on the size range, added instructions, and design.
Sewing instructions can be made for the pattern, but are very time consuming and because of that, they will increase the price of the pattern.

Patterns can be bought in three languages; English, Dutch, and German.

The pattern you purchase will be sent to you in a PDF file. And will be sent in the print format of your choosing, receiving it in multiple formats is also possible. 

To receive a quotation, download the PDF document below and send it with your idea's (in the form of sketches or pictures) to

As soon as I receive your proposal, I will make and send an accurate calculation to you.