Alterations and custom sewing

Besides the current product range of sewing patterns, I also offer sewing services.

Did you buy a garment, but the fit is off? Or do you have a favorite clothing item, of which you would like to have more? You have come to the right place.

I can adjust and sew both casual and formal clothes and I am also experienced with altering suits and wedding dresses.

For each custom sewing order, I will make a quotation, depending on the design.

Note, that making a pattern for one garment can be time-consuming and thus increase the price. When ordering several items made by one pattern, (or slight alterations on one pattern) the pattern cost can be divided over several garments, making the average price go down.


To receive a quotation, ask questions or make an appointment, contact me by email: or send me a message at (587) 357 7048

Located: Orton, Alberta