10 great sewing blogs for beginners and advanced seamstresses

Each pattern we sell comes with a full sewing tutorial. However, almost always only one way of using a technique is shown for each specific step. Giving you several options to make the garment, will make very heavy files which also become too hard to read through.

Now, we would like to start placing some alternative sewing techniques here in our blog. However, this takes a lot of time, which currently is better spend on product development.

So for now, instead of placing tutorials here, we will dive into the wealth of sewing instructions online.

Here are 10 great sewing blogs/websites, where you can go to learn more in-depth techniques to use during your sewing projects.


Although not officially a blog, this website contains a vast amount of professional tutorials, in many categories. With good quality video and explanation, you can learn how to make full projects, learn to use specific techniques, or learn to use your serger to its full potential. To be able to use these videos, you will need a subscription for 79,99 US dollars per year or you can pay for each individual video.


If you are a fan of the Dutch pattern farm, it is likely that you might have some nostalgic feelings every now and then. This blog is a perfect vintage sewing blog


Although this blog is no longer active, there is still a free archive of several handy basic tutorials to be found on her blog, which is worth checking out.


A blog made by an all American mom of 3, passionate about sewing. A blog full of fun colorfully projects and tutorials.


A blog full of easy to use basic sewing tips and tutorials. Perfect for beginners, to get some more knowledge about fabrics, machines, and sewing techniques.


A professional website with great DIY's, in-depth fabric knowledge, sew-along, and styling tips.


This blog contains a lot of information on pattern adjustments, sewing techniques, and sewing machine comparisons.


A great place to find all basic tips when learning to sew, from threading your machine, learning different stitches, fun projects, and in-depth techniques.


Another handy blog, full of basic sewing tutorials, fabric tips and PDF pattern explanations.


A blog full of fun tutorials, mainly focusing on upcycling and easy makes.

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