How to print a PDF pattern

Printing out the pattern is actually quite easy, just two things should be considered: which pages to print and the scale of the pattern. Open up the PDF pattern file and click on the print button.

To save some ink and paper, it could be a good idea to only print the actual pattern and use the directions only digitally. So, find out on what page the actual pattern begins and type in only those pages into the box to print.

Then, check in what scale the pattern is set. The pattern should be set on 100% or on actual size. So do not shrink the pattern!

Then click on the print button. So, the pattern will be printed. On one of the first pages of the sewing pattern you can find a box, with the measurment of 5 by 5 cm (2'' by 2''). Always measure this box, to check if the pattern is printed correctly.

If the box is not 5 cm (2'') wide and high, the pattern is also not in the right scale. So, then go back again to your PC and print it again, make sure it is printed without scaling. so on 100% !

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