Before making any garment, it is always important to check the size chart!

The size chart is included with each pattern.

After much comparing, measuring, and calculating we made this size chart and based our patterns on it.
Because of the different nationalities of our customers, we have made the same size chart twice, once with European sizes and centimeters, and the other size chart is made with inches. The measurements are the same only the measurement units differ.

Here are some tips to choose the right size:
- Always make sure the child fits within a size at all three width measurements: bust, waist, and hip.

- The age in the chart is merely a guide and is less important than measurements! Don't worry if the child needs a bigger or smaller size than would ''officially'' fit her/his age.
Children go through different growth spurts and have different body shapes.
However, if you need a size that is different from the size that would ''officially'' be for her/his size it is always recommended to check length measurements like the sleeve, inner leg, and skirt length. And where needed add or subtract to that length measurement on the pattern.

- Even if the child fits the size which fits all width measurements, it can still be a good idea to check some length measurement like the sleeve, inner leg, and skirt length.

This is the standard size chart that comes with every pattern. You can see that they are based upon European sizes, but age guidelines are also included. (The size names are the same as the height measurements, so there is no separate section for height measurement in the European chart.)

All measurements in this size chart are in centimeters!

new size chart EUro .jpg

This next size chart is the same as the original, only here all the measurements are converted to inches, for all those who like working with the metric system better,


new size chart US .jpg